Rolax automotive repair Cathedral city.Ca


I left my chevy 2500 in the care of Rolax to do a steering componant service on my 2003 2500 hd

It was dropped off at 9:00 am

I went to Palm desert to shop at Sams club. Upon returning and coming off the freeway at DatePalm off ramp. I noticed my truck entering the west bound freeway. I followed my truck onto the onramp to follow..

I had to do over 100mph to catchup to the driver who was test driving my truck. to catch up.. he gets off at Gene Autry and continues Southbound doing over 70mph in a 50mph zone towards Ramon at this time turns into The Home Depot parking lot.. We follow to the shop and get out..

I ask.: What the *** are you doing? He laughs and says nothing. No apoligise Nothing.. I explained I have been following him the whole time.Unbelievable. I will never do business with them again..

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